I Think I May Have Been Crazy

before - living room

I have one more main project to do before the guest bedroom is finished. I still have to sew the draperies. Other than that, it’s just a few touch ups, some accessorizing, and then it’s done! But this past weekend, I was at the point of the project where I was starting to feel like it’ll never be done. Honestly, I’ve been at that point for a couple of weeks now. And when I reach that point in a project, I start to question if I’m ever going to get this house done. And then I start to question what the heck I’ve even accomplished in the first place since we bought this house. Since I live in this house day after day, and I only experience the gradual changes each day, sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what I started out with. So last night, I took a trip down memory lane to encourage myself, and remember exactly what this house looked like when we signed the papers and were handed the key. I’ll never forget walking through the house the first time with my mom. She looked at me with the most concerned look on her face and […]

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